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Civic Education_ Cooperative Education Exchange Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Purpose of this program:

(1) To make available to educators from eligible countries exemplary curricula and teacher training programs in civics, government, and economics education, developed in the United States; (2) to assist eligible countries in the adaptation, implementation, and institutionalization of such programs; (3) to create and implement civics, government, and economic education programs for students that draw upon the experiences of participating eligible countries; (4) to provide a means for the exchange of ideas and experiences in civics, government, and economic education among political, educational, governmental, and private sector leaders of participating eligible countries; and (5) to provide support for--(a) independent research and evaluation to determine the effects of educational programs on students' development of the knowledge, skills, and traits of character essential for the preservation and improvement of constitutional democracy; and (b) effective participation in, and the preservation and improvement of, an efficent market economy.